Redefining Century City – 1999 Avenue of the Stars

PUSH needed to reposition a trophy building in Century City owned by Equity Office  to rename and redefine it among the broker community and vis a vis competing properties. Historically referred to as the “Sun America building” PUSH rebranded the property with a fresh, more contemporary identify and focused the messaging on the specific location in Century City. The new brand was delivered to B2B and B2C audiences via a website, , e-mail marketing, videos, and printed materials. As part of this campaign, Push also promoted the new lobby renovation and brought to life the design renderings by creating a video that builds anticipation with messaging, music and motion graphics. The video was distributed to brokers and hosted on website. Furthermore, the Equity Office brand and corporate positioning was also woven through the campaign as part of an overall marketing program to ensure the corporate brand is consistently seen and understood throughout their diverse portfolio.