PUSH PR partnered with Dirango and creative director Anthony Wiktor to build a state-of-the-art website for one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Downtown Los Angeles for the South Park Business Improvement District (SPBID). The website was built with a laser-like focus on making it a premier source of information for the diverse community of businesses, residents, neighborhood leaders, community development organizations as well as the vibrant arts and entertainment district it calls home. As such, in addition to making the site visually compelling, its functional aspects were customized to achieve unprecedented engagement, including spikes in page visits, mobile users, and SEO results. Upon launch, results included:

90% increase in visitors
120% increase in pages/visits
260% increase in average visit duration
-30% bounce rate

135% more visits from Google
158% increase in indexed pages

637% increase in mobile users

As a result of this greater visibility online, the site was actually picked up in conversations on Reddit and achieved a whole new level of engagement and exposure with the community of fans who follow the South Park episodes, propelling the site to go viral: https://www.reddit.com/r/southpark/comments/3noayy/downtown_los_angeles_sodosopa_is_called_south_park/.